What Talent Connect clients are saying about us…


“The value which Talent Connect brought to my decision and relocation experience is the personalized attention they provided. They took the time to really understand my particular situation and needs, and then proposed relevant solutions and resources. The networking/social events they put on are first rate and I was able to make meaningful connections through them. The staff was never too busy to address my requests, and was very adept at coming up with creative recommendations when there weren’t any obvious answers or precedents. Thank you Tech Valley Connect for helping to make my transition experience such a positive and delightful one!”


“We have been very impressed. Even before we knew if we would move to the Albany area, Talent Connect was helping us meet people. This ultimately led to a successful dual career search. The arrangement with Talent Connect felt more like having people that cared and not just a contract agreement. That is probably the most important part of the program to us.” 


“I thought the social events were great. Not knowing anyone when moving to a new place is very hard. These events helped me a lot. Also the introductions to other new people were also very helpful.”


“Having someone to orient us to the area was comforting and helpful. Getting referrals for services for the home and our children was invaluable.”


Informational interviews were the key, to have a chance like that was very powerful and allowed to finally get the job I wanted. Looking over career options and adjusting my resume and all the recommendations extremely helpful, thank you again.”


“Joanne was extremely helpful, friendly and conscientious while I was transitioning into a new position. I greatly appreciated the assistance finding resources for my interests in the Capital Region.”


“A cross country move such as this presents challenges for any professional couple, and the decision to relocate required confidence that there were new professional opportunities for me in the local region.  In that regard, the Talent Connect program has been a great help because it provides a forum for networking with other professional couples, and for identifying opportunities and resources in the Capital Region.  Moreover, it was a positive factor in making the decision to move, because it indicates sensitivity of local employers to the needs of professional couples, and acknowledges that success for both partners is required to attract and retain high quality professionals in the region.”


“Best way to get a feel for the area job market & start networking is via these informational interviews. Also I come into these interviews with some clout because the informational interviewer knows that your spouse has a good job and that his employer has a vested interest in keeping him happy, and, my feeling was the interviewers really took me seriously and they weren’t just doing a “fluff” interview.”


“I haven’t really had the chance to say “Thank YOU!” for forwarding us so many useful resources and social events to help enrich our lives.  It’s really wonderful! Thank YOU!!!”