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Tenacious Troy: A Rebirth in Totalityimg_6103_tonemapped



At least one person at each stop along my “Upstate New York Small Cities Blog Tour” asked me the same question.  “Have you checked out Troy yet?”  Like Utica, Schenectady and Binghamton, my only knowledge of Troy was that it was an economically and structurally run down city with some really good universities.  Suddenly however, person after person was telling me about the exciting things happening there, so it seemed like the perfect fit for blog stop #4.

More than any other blog I’ve written, this entry focuses largely on business owners and their takes on the incredible success of Troy’s downtown revitalization.  I discovered in the first hour I was there that the small locally owned businesses, their “tenacious” owners and a pro-business environment has created this stunning comeback.


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